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Q: Why Custom Bottled Water?

A: For about the same cost as high end business cards, custom bottled water is the perfect way to give your brand a fresh face or revitalize your relations in the local community.

Targeted donations to local events such as Charity Walks or Sporting Events get your name out there while also giving something back to the community.

The Labels

We use a high quality full color process for labels that are completely waterproof and will not run or come off in ice or water.

The Bottles

Our bottles are BPA free and completely recyclable.

500ml and 355ml are the most commonly ordered size of bottle but other sizes are available depending on your application and needs.

The Water

We use a 7 step process to ensure our water taste as pure as nature intended.

Carbon Absorbtion:

Removes chlorine and many other chemical compounds.

Water Conditioning:

Removes calcium and magnesium, thus preventing staining water and water hardness.

Second Stage Filtration:

Removes all suspended solids and organisms that are above 5 microns in size.

Reverse Osmosis:

Removes dissolved solids, biological matter, dissolved organic matter, and chemicals.

Third Stage Filtration:

Provides an additional filter and carbon tank for polishing the finished water for a great refreshing taste every day!

Oxygen Enriched:

A new technology that adds oxygen into the water.


A sanitizing process that leaves no residue even after the container is sealed for ultimate freshness.


Orders are shipped via common carrier to almost anywhere in Texas for a set price. Most orders will require a liftgate to unload but you can save this small fee if you have a dock or forklift.

Pricing & Incentives

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